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Mazuri® New World Primate Biscuit is a highly nutritious, palatable primate food that is formulated for the small species of New World monkeys in all life stages. These primate biscuits are designed to be supplemented with the addition of species-appropriate food items to allow for natural feeding behaviors.


  • Designed to be fed with supplementation - Allows for natural feeding behaviors by the addition of species-appropriate food items.
  • Meets NRC recommendations for all nutrients - Except protein, sodium and chloride when fed at 50% of the diet.
  • No added sucrose - Supports lower risk of cavities.
  • Natural source vitamin E and C and the amino acid taurine - Supports overall animal wellness.

(11.33KG Bag) New World Primate Biscuit

SKU: 5MA5/ 0007320
  • Biscuit size:  1/4" diameter x 1" le

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