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Mazuri® Ramphastid Hand Feeding Formula is a complete diet designed to promote optimal growth and development for Ramphastidae species (toucans and toucanets) from the day of hatch through weaning. Contains higher calcium, phosphorous and vitamin D as compared to Mazuri® Hand Feeding Formula.


  • Low iron formula – Ideal for iron-sensitive species.
  • As compared to standard Mazuri® psittacine hand feeding formulations:
    • Higher protein and lower fat formulation.
    • Higher calcium, phosphorous and vitamin D and A.
  • Designed to promote hydration in young birds.
  • Ideal levels of natural pigments and vitamins.
  • Contains probiotic organisms – Help initiate gastrointestinal microflora development.

(2 kg canister) Ramphastid Hand Feeding Formula ( ENQUIRES ONLY)

SKU: 5M3H/ 1817384-009
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  • Product Size:   20 lb Pail

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