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Mazuri® Hi Calcium Gut Loading Diet insect food is designed to create gut loaded crickets. This cricket feed contains high levels of calcium to balance the calcium to phosphorus ratio in crickets used as food for insect-eating reptiles, birds and mammals as part of a complete insectivore diet. This bug food is not intended for use in breeding or raising insects.


  • Contains high level of calcium - Helps balance calcium to phosphorus ratio.
  • Palatable - Readily eaten by crickets.
  • Shown to improve calcium:phosphorus ration in adult crickets, mealworms and superworms*.

*Research findings:

  • Evaluation of nutrient composition of common invertebrate feeders fed different supplemental diets. Latney, L.V., Toddes, B.D., Wyre, N.R., Brown, D.C., Briscoe, J.A., 2009. Proc. Nutrition Advisory Group. Tulsa, OK, pp 22 -23.
    • Overview - Mealworms and superworms were fed a variety of diets for 48-244 hours, then proximate and mineral composition was measured. Calcium uptake by the insects was highest for these fed Mazuri ® High Calcium Cricket Diet, providing a more ideal calcium:phosphorus balance.

(Case of 6 x 1 kg Canisters) Hi-Calcium Gut Loading Diet

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