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Mazuri® Lorikeet Diet is a complete lorikeet food for most nectarivorous and pollen-eating avian species such as lorikeets and lories. Containing nutrient-rich papaya and pollen, this low-iron lorikeet diet is ideal for iron-sensitive species and designed to be mixed with water to promote hydration.


  • Enriched with essential nutrients.
  • Low iron formula – Ideal for iron-sensitive species.
  • Designed to promote hydration - Stays in solution, no separation of diet components.
  • Contains ingredients found in wild-type diets - Including pollen.
  • pH stabilized to help reduce microbial and fungal growth
  • Easy to mix


(Case of 6 x 1 kg Canisters) Lorikeet Diet

SKU: 5AB4/ 1814455-749
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  • Product Size:   

    • Screw-cap canister, 1 kg net weight                        1814455-717
    • Plastic bag, 5 kg net weight                                     1814455-727
    • Plastic bag, 25 kg net weight                                   1814455-737
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