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Mazuri® Primate L/S Gel Diet is a banana flavored low starch, low sodium, low sugar, high fiber primate food that when prepared, makes a highly palatable, high moisture food option. Mazuri® Primate L/S Diets meet the nutrient needs of both new and old world primates and provide a nice option for diet variety. Gel diets are shipped as a dry powder allowing for an extended shelf life and ease of storage.


  • Low starch and High fiber – Similar to composition of wild food items.
  • Contains probiotics to support gastrointestinal health
  • Contains added vitamin E and vitamin C
  • Fortified with additional B vitamins – May benefit geriatric primates.
  • Omega-3 enriched – From flaxseed.
  • Meets NRC Non-Human Primate recommendations for most nutrients (except Na and Cl, on dry matter basis).
  • Convenient powder - Mixes with boiling water to form a palatable, soft, moist product.

Product form: Dry meal


(Case of 6 x 1 kg Canisters) Primate LS Gel Diet

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  • Product size: Available in 1 kg increments

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