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Start your mini pig off right Mazuri® Mini Pig Youth Food. Our feed is designed to provide complete and balanced nutrition for young pigs from 0 to 4 months old. Made with high-quality milk ingredients for a smooth transition from nursing to pellets. Our feed contains everything your pig needs to thrive, like probiotics, easily absorbed minerals, biotin, and niacin to support healthy weight and skin. Our feed has optimal fat levels to keep your pig moving. These mini pig pellets contain flaxseed, zinc, and vitamin E to support their skin and immune system. And with Yucca schidigera extract, our feed helps to control manure odors. Give your pig the healthy start they deserve with Mazuri® Mini Pig Youth Food.


  • Watch your pet thrive with complete nutrition - No vitamin or mineral supplements necessary
  • Support healthy weight and skin - Probiotics, easily absorbed minerals, biotin and niacin
  • Transition with dried whey - Milk ingredient helps to wean baby pigs
  • Give your pig a healthy start - Balanced amino acid for growth
  • Balanced energy - With optimal fat levels to keep them moving.  Created for the energy needs of young, growing pigs
  • Support their skin and immune system  - With flaxseed, easily absorbable zinc, and vitamin E
  • Odor control - Contains Yucca schidigera extract to help control manure odors

( 11.33 kg Bag) Mini Pig Youth

SKU: 5Z4A/ 3005271-203
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  • Pelleted feed:  5/32" diameter x 1/

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