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Mazuri® Exotic Gamebird Starter is a complete game bird feed designed to meet the nutritional needs of young ornamental pheasants, guinea fowl and other game birds with similar feeding patterns. Mazuri® Gamebird diets are designed for optimal growth rates, chick success, quality feathering, health and longevity.


  • Complete feed - One product contains all of the nutrients the birds require.
  • High protein, balanced with essential amino acids - Promotes growth and feathering.
  • Optimum levels of nutrients - Proper nutrient levels provide protection against cannibalism.
  • Extruded particle - Highly palatable, easy to feed and minimizes waste.

(11.33Kg Bag) Exotic Gamebird Starter

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  • Extruded particles: 1/8” diameter x 1/8” length.

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