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Mazuri® Waterfowl Starter provides appropriate nutrition for rapid growth requirements of newly hatched ducklings, goslings, and other waterfowl species, as well as adolescent birds. This floating waterfowl food contains fishmeal, and can be fed by floating on the water or in a trough.


  • High protein, high nutrient density diet - Supports health and growth.
  • Exceeds published niacin requirements for waterfowl – Supports healthy growth and development.
  • Floating, extruded diet – Allows birds to be fed on the water and prevents accumulation on the bottom of the feeding area, limiting water contamination and waste and creating a more natural feeding environment.
  • No supplementation required – Requires no mixing or supplementation and eliminates sorting.
  • Sustainable fishmeal source used.

(11.33KG Bag) Waterfowl Starter

SKU: 5641/ 0001434
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  • Extruded particle:  3/32" diameter x 3/32" length


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