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Mazuri® Aquatic Turtle Gel Diet is an easy-to-prepare turtle gel for freshwater turtles. This highly palatable turtle gel comes as a powder and is designed to be made into a gel before feeding. You can tailor your turtle's diet with ease. You can incorporate foods or medications (under veterinary guidance) during the gel-making process. This turtle food can be combined with dry pellets, vegetables, insects, and freeze-dried shrimp. This gel is high in moisture, which is a great way to keep your turtle hydrated. This gel is a unique way to provide essential nutrition to your turtle. 

Mazuri® Aquatic Turtle Gel is best for turtles like map turtles, mata mata turtles, painted turtles, pond turtles, red-eared sliders turtles, and snapping turtles. This can also be fed to young box turtles and wood turtles.


  • Contains high levels of fish protein - Great for turtles that dwell well below the water’s surface
  • Supports eye and skin health - Formulated with vitamin A and natural vitamin E
  • Contains fish oil - Rich source of omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Soft-Moist gel - Highly palatable
  • Customized nutrition– Mix in food, flavors, or medications (under veterinary guidance) to support your turtle's needs

(12 - 226G Poly Bag) Aquatic Turtle Gel Diet

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  • Dry powder

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