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Mazuri® Wild Carnivore® Bear Plus Diet is a high-fat diet designed specifically for polar bears and brown bears. Contains probiotics to support digestive tract health.  Protein and fat levels resemble the energy ratio of bears in their natural habitat. This bear food can be used year-round.


  • High levels of sustainable fish meal and fish oil - From menhaden, a high quality protein source.
  • Lower protein, higher fat - more closely resembles the protein to energy ratio of wild bear diets.
  • Contains probiotics - Supports GI tract health.
  • Contains organic trace minerals - For enhanced mineral absorption.
  • Provides long-chain omega-3 fatty acids - From fish oil and flaxseed seed.
  • Extruded feed - Optimizes digestibility of diet.


(18.14KG Bag) Wild Carnivore™ Bear Plus

SKU: 5M6X/ 3006891-705
  • Product Form:  Extruded biscuit size: 5/8" x 1" length.

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