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Mazuri® Amphibian & Carnivorous Reptile Gel is an easy-to-prepare exotic reptile food for amphibians and carnivorous reptiles. Made from fish, poultry, blood, egg, spirulina algae, vitamins and minerals, this complete Mazuri® gel diet is shipped as a powder that is designed to be made into a gel prior to feeding. In addition to meeting the nutritional requirements of amphibians and carnivorous reptiles, this reptile diet is highly palatable, has a long shelf life prior to gelling and may be useful for feeding carnivorous tadpoles.

Best Fed To: Mazuri® Amphibian & Carnivorous Reptile Gel is best for small carnivorous lizards and snakes such as Monitors, Skinks and Snakes.


  • Nutritionally balanced - No vitamin and mineral supplementation needed.
  • Contains highly available form of natural vitamin E
  • Contains fish oil - A rich source of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Soft-Moist gel - Highly palatable.

(6 - 1kg Canisters) Amphibian & Carnivorous Reptile Gel

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