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Mazuri® LC Aquatic Gel Diet is an easy-to-prepare exotic fish food for overweight exhibit animals, that contains PrimaLac — a source of live viable naturally occurring microorganisms designed to support gastrointestinal and skin health in fish. Made from fish meal, this Mazuri® fish food is shipped as a powder that is designed to be made into a gel prior to feeding. In addition to meeting the nutritional requirements of carnivorous fish, this aquatic diet is highly palatable, is supplemented for vibrant coloration and has a long shelf life.


  • Soft-moist texture of gel - More palatable to fish which are difficult to feed.
  • Contains all vitamins and trace minerals known to be required by fish.
  • Contains probiotics - To support gastrointestinal and skin health in fish.*
  • Contains pigmenting agents - Provides optimum coloration.
  • Low starch formula - More closely replicates wild-type diets.*
  • Low fat formula - Useful for overweight exhibit animals.
  • High moisture- Useful for animals used to eating high moisture food items.
  • Multiple sustainable fish meal sources used.

(6-1KG Canisters) LC Aquatic Gel Diet

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  • Powder - Available by the kg.

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