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Mazuri® Softbill Diet is a complete softbill bird food for iron sensitive fruit-eating bird species such as toucans and other softbills. This highly palatable bird food, which contains real fruit, is formulated to have a long shelf life while ensuring proper feeding of iron-sensitive softbills.


  • Ph.D.-formulated nutrition. Designed specifically for iron-sensitive birds.
  • Support overall health. Antioxidant-enriched formula.
  • Formulated to allow for supplementation. Feed with fruit or other food items, if desired.
  • Sweet smell and flavored with fruit. Made with plum and apple with natural pineapple flavoring to encourage palatability.
  • No added artificial flavors. 
  • Extruded nugget. Highly palatable and digestible.

(6.80KG) Softbill Diets

SKU: 5MI2 / 0056270
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  • Extruded Pellet: 3/16” diameter x 1/2” length

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