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Mazuri® Grain-Free Hay Enhancer® Supplement ensures complete elephant and white rhino nutrition for animals that are fed a hay or browse based diet. These pellets reduce the need for additional supplements for elephants and white rhinos.

Contains no cereal grain products.
Pre and pro-forms of vitamin A
 - Including beta-carotene.
Added vitamin C - May preserve integrity and functionality of Vitamin E in the animal*.
Provides proper ratios of other vitamins and minerals** - Reduces the need for additional supplementation.
Contains flaxseed - Source of omega 3 fatty acids.
Contains beet pulp - Good source of fermentable fiber for GI health.

(22.7KG) Grain-Free Hay Enhancer

SKU: 563K / 3006932-906
  • Cube feed: ⅝” diameter x 1” length.

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