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Mazuri® Sheep Locu is a low-copper, moderate starch sheep diet that complements normal roughage intake to ensure proper sheep nutrition. These pellets are suitable for sheep at all life stages.


  • Moderate-starch formulation - Optimizing the health and longevity in exotic ruminants.
  • High in fermentable fibers and sugar - Promotes healthy rumen fermentation
  • Reduced and controlled phosphorus formulation - Helps assist in proper mineral metabolism.
  • No copper added - Specially formulated for sheep species with low copper tolerances.
  • Contains flaxseed - Source of Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Balanced nutrition - Provides the nutrition needed to balance deficiencies in roughage.
  • Concentrate form - Easily adapted to the type of animal being fed, diet, and life stages.
  • Pellet form - Easy to feed; minimizes waste.

(22.7KG) Sheep Locu

SKU: 5655 / 0005496
Only 5 left in stock
  • Pellet - 5/32" diameter x 1/2" length.

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